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Our first ever design! The V Studs.

Yesterday I launched S&C first own brand piece.

A pair of studs which I have worked on for months now. I felt protective and nervous as I hit that post button on instagram yesterday. Such desire for approval!

The idea of the studs came from my own needs as I perused earrings to place in my multiple piercings. Sometimes I liked an eclectic mix of stars, moons, little hoops and diamonds but at times I craved something minimalist. I wanted to fill all my piercings but with something simple and still eye catching.

Initially I went for a triangle design, then as things progressed I decided on a simple V.

I worked out dimensions, materials, pricing and organised moulds with a factory who agreed to manufacture a small amount for S&C. My first V's weren't perfect. On receiving the sample I realised I needed the studs to have depth and I wanted them to look solid. I think this is what makes them different.

Wear them any direction. Wear them in a cartilage piercing. Mix your metals. Just make them your own and if you do decide to purchase I really hope you love them!

Lots of love,

Claire x


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