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Download Danball Senki Wars Sub Indo




: 2007-09-16 - 2015-03-01. Broadcast Network: Animax. Genres: Action, Adventure, Anime, Cartoon. Description: "Danball Senki" is the title of the first anime series. The anime broadcast first in Indonesia on Animax. The beginning of the anime are about 5 years ago, and it is set in the universe of the "Suikoden" series. The anime is based on "Suikoden" (1997), and also produced by "Harmonix" anime. The anime episode begins with the death of two boys in different circumstances. The death of one is the direct result of war, but the death of the other is indirectly because he was poisoned. A girl named Doki searches for the murderer, the vice captain named Reikoku who kidnapped her friend. Eventually, Doki found out the true story of Reikoku, who has been a pure evil, killing all those who opposes him.Doki is very confused on her war for the future of the human race, or at least a part of the human race, because the only thing that she has known since she was born was that she had to fight for the future of humans. From the first episode, the anime starts with the story of five children, namely Taiyo, Sanna, Hyuri, Kaoru and Doki, who were raised in the orphanage located at the Shibuya district, Tokyo. But since the beginning, they are trained for their battle and was told by their boss that there were only two ways to become their future leader, one is to live a peaceful life like a normal human being, and the other is to become the killer, as a human being of a different kind. Doki wants to live peacefully, and she wants to help others who are suffering. She later becomes the captain of the soldiers for the orphanage, and she had to fight for what she wanted, which is for the future of mankind. Both of the only two choices that the orphans had were to either live a normal life or to be killers. The orphanage adopted five children to test them with the two choices. Taiyo has a well-rounded personality, and is shown to be a sweet and caring boy, and he is the leader of the children. However, he is also shown to be a good fighter and a proud person. Sanna, on the other hand, is shown to be a kind and friendly person, but is also shown to be cruel and




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Download Danball Senki Wars Sub Indo

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